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Identity Aesthetics is a business that works with suppliers to drop-ship products directly to your doorstep.


Hence, your order will be shipped after the supplier has manufactured the items you have purchased. By working with suppliers we can constantly test new designs that you can love & enjoy... We think, "Don't bother with supply when you can have an infinite supply."

Regardless, please give the supplier 2-4 working days to produce your order. Additionally, every order in is dispatched with website tracking.


Delivery Estimations:

without production estimates:


Metro - 3-5 business days
Rural - 4-10 business days


    Metro - 1-2 business days
    Rural - 2-5 business days
    with production estimates:


    Metro - 7 business days
    Rural - 7-9 business days


      Metro - 4-5 business days
      Rural - 5-7 business days

      Don't stress, orders always come on time.